About getting involved with Photography

   I attended my first seminar of photography in 2001 just after I finished school. Through those interesting  lessons I had the opportunity to experience the process of printing black&white photos in the 'dark room'. Although,  I got really interested many years later in 2007 after finishing my studies in  Architecture at the National Technological University of Athens. Specifically in 2012 I started to attend different workshops about photography in which I truly got involved in this great art and especially in Street Photography. Studying other photographer's work I started to learn about a multi-dimensional perception of composition introducing me into a world full of dynamic possibilities. From that moment for me, Photography wasn't a process of just taking pictures. It was like seeing the world through different eyes, where by taking the appropriate shot every moment gained an unusual twist of energy with a marvelous story to reveal.  As I see it now Photography is a powerful and unique act of expressing myself through the process of framing the "little" moments of everyday life.